October 1, 2019

The Owl Weekly Parent Newsletter 9/16/19

TIS Directory Updates Due TOMORROW! 


Last chance to update your information for the TIS Directory!

We will begin setting up the Directory this week. You should have received an email from Kat Simons last week showing what your information currently looks like.  If you already sent Kat an email with edits – she is not ignoring you! She is waiting to get all of the edits/comments in before responding. Thanks for your patience!

  • IF YOU HAVE CHANGES, MOST CAN BE DONE VIA THE PARENT PORTAL. If you have changes to phone numbers or addresses, or changes to which numbers you want printed, log on to intlschool.org/portal. Click or unclick the DNP (“do not publish”) box as appropriate.

  • If your home phone number listed is the same as a cell phone, please go to intlschool.org/portal and delete the HOME phone.

Please contact kats@intlschool.org if:

  • You have a nanny or similar who is regularly involved with your child’s class (pick-up or volunteering) and you want that person’s contact information included. Send the person’s name, relationship, and e-mail address and/or phone number, whatever you want published.

  • Your households are not combined/split correctly. (i.e. married or split households, not shown as you would like). Email the listing(s) as you would like it to appear; be specific about what you do not want to appear.

  • A parent is listed who should not be listed (i.e. an out of town parent who does not have contact with your child) – or vice versa.

  • Anything else that is wrong that you cannot change in the portal.

Thank you for your help!

Early Dismissal this Friday

Reminder: We have an early dismissal this Friday, Sept 20. This is for faculty professional development meetings.

  • If you ordered Friday lunch from Refueled Kids, your child will have it to bring home or to Global Kids

Please pick up all students by 12:45pm at the latest unless you are registered for Global Kids.

*NOTE: Regularly Scheduled Global Kids Block 1, Block 2, and 3rd Party classes are NOT in session on Alternative Schedule Dates, which include Early Dismissal Days, No School Days, After school Conference Days, and more. See the Global Kids calendar for details.

Pick Up and Drop Off Update

The past week of drop off and pickup has been expectedly a bit slow as staff and parents alike get back to their routines. Fortunately, the traffic flow does seem to be improving steadily! Here are a few items to keep in mind over the next few weeks:

  • Traffic is minimal before 7:45am and after 3:25pm.If you can come early in the morning and wait a bit before coming in the afternoon, you will not have to sit in traffic

  • Please do not exit your vehicle on Sherman Street in the curbside pickup and drop off zone. Cars come up and down the hill in both lanes. We do not want anyone to get hurt! Our staff will assist children getting to and from the car.

  • Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, staff cannot assist children with buckling up. We understand that this creates complications, especially since we are asking you not to exit your vehicle.

  • There are often spaces on Water Street where you can stop to get out and buckle your children. They are at the bottom of the hill and around the corner from the Sherman pick up and drop off zone.

We hope that this eases congestion and keeps everyone safe!

September Learner Profile Trait – Risk-Taker

The ten International Baccalaureate Learner Profile traits are school values, and are means by which to support healthy social and emotional development.   Our faculty focuses upon one of them each month as means. We will be sharing a description of each trait with families in The Owl, as well as tips for how to model and support these traits at home.

For September, faculty has been focusing on Risk-Taker

Description: Students approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs. IB students transition well to challenging university settings and show resilience and determination in their work. In academics, they have the confidence to approach new or unfamiliar subjects or material. Be sure to check the library for books about taking risks.


  • If your child is feeling uneasy about trying something, encourage them to attempt it and then reflect on whether they liked the activity and how it felt to try something new.

  • Explain to your child the difference between being a risk-taker by trying new things and doing dangerous things.


Early Childhood: 

  • Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall
  • Brontorina by James Howe and Randy Cecil
  • After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat
  • You Can Do It, Sam by Richard Anobile
  • Elephants Cannot Dance by Mo Willems
  • I am trying love spiders by Bethany Barton 


  • What do you do with a Problem? by Kobi Yamada 
  • What Do You Do with a Chance? by Kobi Yamada 
  • Ira’s Shakespeare Dream by Glenda Armand
  • Tea with Milk by Allen Say
  • Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters by Michael Mahlin
  • Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark by Heather Lang and Jordi Solano
  • Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan
  • Suki’s Kimono by Chieri Uegaki
  • Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber

Keepin’ It Clean Walks

The International School is surrounded by several open areas. While they are not part of campus property, we would like to help keep them clean and safe. As such, TIS has “Keepin’ It Clean” walks that operate in partnership with Friends of Riverplace (a neighborhood organization) and the City of Portland’s Office of Community and Civic Life. During these events, groups of volunteers walk the land surrounding the school to pick up trash, remove graffiti, and report concerns.

Each scheduled “Keepin’ It Clean” walk has been assigned to a grade.  These are not required, but we hope to encourage TIS parents, relatives, or caregivers to walk together, socialize, and to keep our campus safe and clean. Gloves, pickers, and trash bags provided.

The next three are:

• Tuesday, September 14 – ALL Grades (this is next week!) – 8:15 am to 9:15 am; meet at Hilltop front gate.

• Tuesday, October 8 – PreK and LowK – 8:15 am to 9:15 am; meet at Hilltop front gate.

• Tuesday, October 22 – Kindergarten – 8:15 am to 9:15 am; meet at Hilltop front gate.

Your help is needed! These count towards parent volunteer hours! Adults only.

TIS Community Service Day

You are invited to join us for our first 2019-2020 TIS Community Service Day!  We will be working at the Children’s Book Bank, whose mission is to fill children’s homes and lives with beautiful, engaging books.

WHAT:   Volunteer Book Cleaning at The Children’s Book Bank
WHERE:   1915 NE 7th Avenue, Portland 97212 (Just two blocks north of NE Broadway)
WHEN: Friday, October 11th from 9:30-11:30 AM

Maximum capacity for this event is limited.  Please RSVP here to confirm your attendance.  Students must be at least 6 years of age and chaperones must stay with their student(s).  This is not a drop off activity.


  • Please remember to give yourself plenty of time to arrive and find parking. CBB prefers to give the book cleaning instructions with everyone present and want to make sure they give us as much time as possible to help clean and repair books!

  • CBB has a very small parking lot and additional street parking can be challenging in our neighborhood. Here is a map with some parking suggestions. We also encourage carpools and public transit (Portland Streetcar and TriMet buses 6, 17 & 77 are nearby). When you arrive, please enter the building through the parking lot door next to the big rolling door. 

  • The work you will be doing is done while seated in a warehouse space. The temperature has been known to fluctuate depending on the weather outside so dress comfortably. CBB will provide all of the materials and instructions needed for you to do your work.

Carpool Requests

  • NE Portland – (Cully Neighborhood, also very close to Hollywood and Beaumont Village area). I have one child, in 1st grade. I’m looking for someone who could do pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m happy to do drop off or pick up on any other day(s). I can be reached at caleb.feldman@gmail.com. Thanks!       

Are you interested in setting up a carpool for the upcoming school year? Publish your request in The Owl! Simply send your name, nearest street corner or part of town, number of children, and best way to contact you to owleditor@intlschool.org. No need to know your exact before/after school needs yet – you can discuss this with interested families.

Upcoming Events


Curriculum Night: Japanese Kinder, Grade 1 (All) & Grade 3 (Chinese & Spanish) 

  • 6:00-6:45pm: Grade 3 English (Spanish and Chinese)
  • 6:00-6:45pm: Grade 1 Homeroom (plus Akiko’s Kinder)
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 1 English
  • 7:00-7:45pm: Grade 3 Homeroom (Spanish and Chinese)

All Homeroom presentations will be in your child’s classroom. English presentation locations will be announced.



Curriculum Night: Grades 2 & 4 (All), Plus Japanese Grades 3 & 5  

  • 5:30-6:00 Taka’s 5th English
  • 6:05-6:45 Grade 2 English and Masami’s 3rd Grade English
  • 6:05-6:45 Grade 4 Homeroom (and Taka’s 5th grade)
  • 7:00-7:45 Grade 4 English 
  • 7:00-7:45 Grade 2 Homeroom (and Masami’s 3rd grade)

All Homeroom presentations will be in your child’s classroom. English presentation locations will be announced.


Early Dismissal. Curbside and walk up pickup will be available. Global Kids will be available. Dismissal begins at 12:15pm. Please pick up your student by 12:45pm unless they are registered in Global Kids Alternative Day.



Keepin’ it Clean Campus Walk –  All Grades. Join fellow TIS parents as we walk the perimeter of the school picking up trash, removing graffiti, cutting back invasive plants.  Trash bags, pickers, gloves, graffiti removal supplies provided. Optional, Adults only. Meet at 8:15 am near the front gates at the Hilltop Building.  Be sure to record your volunteer hours!