October 16, 2018

Volunteer Hours – So Much Counts!

Calling all parents to log in your volunteer hours!  There are so many things that count towards hours:
    • If you attended Curriculum Night or Parent Info Meeting
    • Are a Room parent, help with any activities on campus, and/or
    • Help support your class’s auction project(s)

These are just some examples that count toward your volunteer hours!

What is the value of logging in your hours? It helps the school accurately represent your contribution of time and effort to donors, and allows proper Thank Yous!  A strong showing of volunteer hours also helps make our school more competitive for grant funding.  Grant applications may be submitted throughout the year, which is why logging in your hours monthly is most helpful!
 If you need help or have questions, please contact Janice Chow-Ng, Parent Network Volunteer Coordinator at Janice.c.chow@gmail.com.