October 8, 2018

Willow Domes

A group of dedicated staff and parents came together this weekend and built two beautiful willow domes for the EC Playground! While the domes are new, please note a few things:
1) The willow is ALIVE. Leaves should begin to sprout in a few weeks, and then return in the spring! The domes will eventually look a bit like this.
2) The willow is FRAGILE, especially right now because it is newly planted and does not have roots. ***Please do not allow your child(ren) to climb the domes, shake, or pull on the willow.*** Please DO allow them to crawl, play, and sit inside of them! We will put some wooden stumps for seats and tables.
3) We have newly planted grasses and plants on the hill (More plants are coming). We have some willow fencing to protect the plants. The fencing with the “X” shape is temporary until we can get more willow to make loops. Please do not allow your child(ren) to climb over the fencing and walk on the plants.  They are babies and need time to grow!
We hope that you and the students enjoy the domes! All they need is a little time to take hold in the earth and begin to blossom, along with the children’s imaginations!
Special thanks to the following families and individuals who helped to make this magic happen: the Golands, the Olivares, the Feldmans, the Longs, the Kowalskys, the McCoys, the Stowells, the Wildas, the Simons,  Mac Barr, Diego Quevedo, Steve Borcherding, and the folks over at Learning Landscapes!