June 11, 2018

Please return library books! Thank you, Library Volunteers!

Please make sure that your student returns all remaining library books!  You should have received an e-mail from libraryworld.com telling you what books your student still has.
Thank you to our amazing, wonderful library volunteers!  We are so grateful for their dedication!  We could not keep the library running so smoothly without their help!

Camelia Bianchi McKelvey       Christine Kruse        Devin Williams       Eric Wiseman

Evan Martin       Heidi Evans       Hiriti Haileselassie       Janice Chow-Ng

Jared Shipley       Jill Horley       Jon Eisner       Julia Hodge

Katharine Young       Kristen Stowell       Maria Williams       May Graham

Medley Brandl       Mike Boyden       Nicole Rolak       Pavan Somusetty

Peggy Kmeic       Pepper Jiang      Ryan Dyson       Sarah Barr

Shannon Leow       Sophia Kosaris       Takashi Hanabara

HEY! Please don’t forget to record your volunteer hours!
Please continue to read and to listen to books together this summer.  Visit your local, independent bookstore and public library for a summer full of shared stories!  Happy reading to all!