March 12, 2018

School Safety Events

March 14

On Wednesday, March 14, TIS staff and students will briefly and peacefully assemble in the name of school safety. Schools from around Portland and the nation will be participating. Due to the ages of our students, we will not be going into details, but instead have a 17 minute “sidewalk chalk talk.” Student will be able to draw or write nice messages about safety, comfort and kindness. 

March 24

Last week, several students from Paola’s 4th grade class stood in front of senior administration members with a clear and powerful message: they want to participate in the “March for Our Lives” walk and they need our support. They presented their ideas and requested permission to use recess time to create posters, paint t-shirts, and to use the school grounds to gather and prepare to march on March 24th.

As a PYP school, we strive for moments like this because we know that responsible action is the product of successful inquiry. SMT gave students a unanimous vote of support.

If you plan on participating, please have your child bring a blank t shirt (preferably orange, but any color works) to decorate during the week of March 19.  More details to come.

Let’s celebrate this student-initiated Action. It is a result of our efforts as a school community to empower students to speak up for their ideas and helping them develop as principled citizens, good communicators, and caring human beings.