February 12, 2018

Emergency Preparedness / Security Update


Water tank

In January, TIS hosted over 60 people from local schools and organizations for an on-site training on creating and updating School Emergency Plans. It was a very informative session, and we are happy to have facilitated this training for our educational community.  TIS is continuously reviewing and updating its emergency planning procedures. There is always room for improvement.

In addition to the training, here are some recent activities:

  • New emergency water tanks and food rations.  Though we have always held enough food and water stores for 72 hours per person (FEMA/RedCross guidelines), we updated our supplies. The new water tanks are more efficient and robust. They will be regularly maintained and sanitized as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Security Cameras. Security cameras are installed at Stearns Hall, Learners Hall, and Hilltop Building.
  • Staff lockdown training. A lockdown is indicated when there is a clear threat on our campus, either outside or within a building.  We engage is mock lockdown drills with students approximately once a year, and approach them in an age-appropriate manner. Lockdown drills are an unfortunate but necessary preparedness step in today’s climate, but we attempt to make them as non-scary as possible.  We will give you prior notice of when we do this year’s drill.
  • We have a new School Resource Officer, Thomas “Tommy” Stoffel, He covers the school in his regular patrols, and is most likely the person who would first respond to our school’s calls.

    Admins with School resource officer Tommy Stoffel

  • School Administrators have established relationships with community leaders in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, District Attorneys Office, and Police Departments.

How can YOU help?

  • Participate in our Keepin’ it Clean Foot Patrols or a SOLVE cleanup! Our facilities team and security officer walk our campus multiple times a day. However, we can always use help keeping the surrounding areas clean.  Our Keepin it Clean Patrols meet on the second and 4th
  • Meredith Fleming and Kat Simons with Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw

    Tuesday of each month, after morning drop off. SOLVE meets every month on a Saturday. Check the “Upcoming Events” for approaching dates.

  • Use the PDXReporter App. See graffiti? Garbage? Illegal campers? The PDX Reporter app is a convenient way to interact with city bureaus and report problems and maintenance issues within Portland city limits. Open the app, take a picture, and press send. Our contacts at city and county agencies have made it clear: the more we report, the more attention we get.