February 5, 2018

Keepin’ it Clean Campus Foot Patrols

The International School is surrounded by several open areas. While they are not part of campus property, we would like to help keep them clean and safe.  As such, TIS has “Keepin’ it Clean” walks that operate in partnership with Friends of Riverplace, a neighborhood organization.  Essentially, groups of volunteers walk the neighborhood to deter crime and report problems. These are relatively short patrols (30-60 minutes) scheduled around drop off and pick up times. TIS parents get TIS volunteer credit for participating in Keepin’ it Clean Walks / Friends of Riverplace patrols.

Mark Wells, from the Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement will be hosting a Foot Patrol training at the International School this Tuesday, Feb 6 from 10am-12pm in the  Arthur Administration Building. We’d love to see you there if you can make it. We are hoping for a good turn out at this training (1) to inspire increased participation in our twice monthly “Keepin It Clean” patrols and (2) to increase the number of people trained and available share in the leadership of TIS’s Keepin it Clean walks.
Any help that you can give … attending the training or attending one of the year’s remaining patrols would be much appreciated.
Each of the remaining Keepin’ It Clean walks has been assigned to a grade.  These are certainly not required, but we hope to encourage TIS parents, relatives or caregivers to walk together, socialize, and to keep our campus safe and clean. You do NOT need to be trained to participate. Meet near the recycling cans at Hilltop right after drop off (8:15-9:15am)
Tuesday, February 13  (5th grade)
Tuesday, February 27  (4th grade)
Tuesday, March 13 (3rd grade)
Tuesday, March 27 (spring break – no “Keepin’ It Clean patrol)
Tuesday, April 10th (2nd grade)
Tuesday, April 24th (1st grade)
Tuesday, Mary 8 (Kindergarten)
Thank you for all you do to keep TIS vibrant, safe, and clean!
Kristen Stowell

Kristen Stowell, TIS Parent Network member and Keepin’ it Clean Walk  / Foot Patrol organizer.