January 30, 2018

TIS Family Diversity Panelists Needed

What is a family?  How are families formed?  What different family structures add to the rich diversity of the TIS community?  How can we come together as faculty, staff, parents and students to celebrate and support the uniqueness of all family types in an educational setting? 

We are looking for parents who can help us get to the heart of these important questions as participants on a panel. This parent panel will be part of a Family Diversity presentation by TIS parents Rachel Ginocchio, MPH and Heidi Evans, MSW.  The presentation will first be offered to TIS faculty and staff on Friday, February 16th from 1:15p to 3:30p (teacher in-service day, early dismissal).  The second presentation will be offered to parents at a Parent Network-sponsored education night in April.

Specifically, we are seeking to include parents/caregivers of non-traditional families created by adoption, fostering, gamete/embryo donation and surrogacy as well as same-sex or transgender led families, families who have experienced divorce and/or blending and single parents (by choice, separation or loss/death of a parent).

If you see your family in any of these descriptions and are willing to share experiences and answer questions about your amazing family, we need you!!  Please contact Heidi Evans at heidisamama@gmail.com for more information about being a panelist for one or both presentations.