September 19, 2017

Directory Updates Due NOW!

Last chance to update your information for the TIS Directory! We will begin setting up the Directory this week. You should have received an email from Chelsea Bock last week showing what your information currently looks like. Please check your child’s entry in the attached draft for content – are the correct names, phone numbers and addresses printed correctly?

  • IF YOU HAVE CHANGES, MOST CAN BE DONE VIA THE PARENT PORTAL. If you have changes to phone numbers or addresses, or changes to which numbers you want printed, log on to Click or unclick the DNP (“do not publish”) box as appropriate.
  • If your home phone number listed is the same as a cell phone, please go and delete the HOME phone. 

Please contact if:

  • You have a nanny or similar who is regularly involved with your child’s class (pick-up or volunteering) and you want that person’s contact information included. Send the person’s name, relationship, and e-mail address and/or phone number, whatever you want published.
  •  Your households are not combined/split correctly. (i.e. married or split households, not shown as you would like). Email the listing(s) as you would like it to appear; be specific about what you do not want to appear.
  • A parent is listed who should not be listed (i.e. an out of town parent who does not have contact with your child) – or vice versa.
  • Anything else that is wrong that you cannot change in the portal.

Thank you for your help!