September 6, 2017

Field Trips & Chaperoning: FAQs

Field trips are an integral part of TIS’ IB program as they encourage deeper understanding of a unit of inquiry by connecting classroom learning to interactive, real world settings. To ensure that field trips are safe we often rely on parent chaperones to help transport students and to keep them safe and engaged during field trip activities.

Please review the following FAQs about field trips and parent chaperones:

1) What documents are required to chaperone? Background checks through the Oregon Department of Education are required for all field trip chaperones and can take 2-4 weeks to process.  Apply early if you are interested in helping with field trips (the form is available HERE). There are additional requirements for driving students (other than your own) on a field trip. Review full details at

2) How do I become a chaperone for an upcoming field trip? Your child’s teacher will email you with at least 10 days notice to announce an upcoming field trip.  At that time, they will request chaperone assistance.  If you are interested in chaperoning, you must contact the teacher at least one week in advance. All approved chaperones will receive an approval email from the Transportation Coordinator (Meredith) when they’ve been approved.  

Please respect our chaperone approval process by ONLY attending field trips for which you have been approved and understand that you may not be able to attend all of your child’s field trips.

3) What does a field trip chaperone do? Being a field trip chaperone is an important job and we have Essential Agreements in place for this role.  While you are chaperoning, be safe, respectful, and responsible, just like our students! (Click on the link above for more details).

4) How do I know if my documents are up-to-date? If you have any questions about the field trip process or want to know what chaperone documents we have on file for you, contact our Transportation Coordinator, Meredith Fleming at

Thank you to all who have generously donated their time to chaperone a field trip in the past. Here’s to another great year and many fun and educational field trips!