April 11, 2017

This Thursday! TIS Foot Patrol

Come join TIS Parents as we walk the perimeter of campus in an effort to keep our campus clean and safe.  As we walk we pick up trash, remove graffiti, and report any concerns.  Meet in front of Stearns Hall.  Trash bags, pickers, gloves, and graffiti removal supplies are provided.  Please contact Kristen Stowell at pdxtis@bumpsy.org with any questions.

2nd Thursday of the month from 2pm to 3 pm (Thursday, April 13th at 2pm)
4th Thursday of the month from 8am to 9am (Thursday, April 27th at 8am)

Thank you to the five TIS parents who participated in TIS foot patrols in February and March!  
Together we collected and disposed of 15 bags of trash, safely collected and disposed of 4 used needles, and removed graffiti from the signs, hand rails, and retaining wall near the school.  Thank you for helping keeping our school clean, safe and beautiful.