February 2, 2016

Say Hello to our new Hilltop Assistant

Please welcome Candy Trujillo, our new Administrative Assistant in the Hilltop Building and Summer Camp Registrar! Candy has experience as both an Administrative Assistant and teacher at a local private school. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Concordia University, and has overseas experience both in Japan and the Middle East. Candy says:

I am looking forward to working at TIS and the global environment that surrounds it. Over the years I have heard amazing stories about this school, so I’m really excited to be part of the community. I love languages and culture so please share! Some of my hobbies include reading, dancing and being outdoors.

The school had originally planned to wait until it had hired our K-5 Principal before hiring the Hilltop Administrative Assistant position, as this would have offered the principal a chance to participate in the hiring of his/her assistant.  Now, since Bodo Heiliger will be arriving this summer, we have changed our strategy a bit. Candy will provide needed support for the teachers and families up in Hilltop starting now.  In addition, by hiring the Hilltop Assistant position now, we can provide training and school experience for Candy, who will then be able to anticipate Bodo’s needs before he arrives, as opposed to being a new employee as well. The hiring of this position also assists Robert and his Assistant, Angela Tran, in balancing their extended responsibilities for the remainder of the year.

Welcome, Candy!