October 30, 2015

New Educator Math Committee Formed

The International School is pleased to announce the formation of a new Math Committee.  The Math Committee Math Committee year-long, teacher-led committee comprised of representatives across tracks and grades. The Math Committee was formed to build confidence among participating teachers in their personal content and pedagogical knowledge for teaching mathematics and to prepare teachers as a team to share their knowledge and serve as mentors to their fellow teachers as part of a professional learning community.

The purpose of this committee is to:

– Advance study and implementation of research-based best instructional practices in mathematics.
– Facilitate the creation of a professional learning community capable of sustaining continuous improvement in mathematics teaching and learning.
– Build on the prior year’s experience of the teacher team to deepen knowledge of the CCSS for Mathematical Content and Practice.

The Math Committee held its first meeting last week, and the response was very positive. Monthly meetings will span a full school day to engage teachers in substantial learning experiences. A consultant from Education Northwest will be onsite for six hours to facilitate the day’s activities.