May 11, 2015

The TIS Parent Network – It’s Alive!!

After an almost three-year hiatus, the TIS Parent Network lives again!

We are thrilled to announce the appointments of the following leadership positions for the 2015-16 school year. As you can see, these individuals represent a wonderful cross-section of our school, with parents from all three tracks and grades from PreK through 4th. Most of these individuals will also comprise our Steering Committee, which will serve as our governing body. 



Track (2015-16)


Heidi Evans

Chinese (2nd)


Michelle Servo

Chinese (2nd)

Vice Coordinator

Yukako Owen

Japanese (LK, K, 4th)

Record Keeping Leads

Katherine Cole

Michelle Murff

Spanish (2nd, 5th), Chinese (1st, 4th)

Room Parent Lead

Eunice Kim

Ashley Hayden

Chinese (LK, 1st, 3rd), Chinese (2nd)

Community Liaison – Spanish

Katherine Cole

Spanish (2nd, 5th)

Community Liaison- Chinese

Sandy Machado

Chinese (2nd)

Community Liaison – Japanese

Krystin Overstreet

Japanese (1st)

New Parent Liaison

Sarah Wang

Chinese (PK, 1st)

Early Childhood Campus Liaison (Lead)

Tianna Rustom

Spanish (LK)

Parent Network Team Rep

Andrea Long

Virginia Adatto

Spanish (1st), Spanish (1st, 3rd)

Admissions Volunteer Coordinator

Dahviya Eriksson

Chinese (LK)

Staff Representative

Kat Simons

Spanish (PK, 2nd)


The Parent Network is a non-governing volunteer group that serves to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and community environment at The International School. It will work in close collaboration with school administration and staff, and in accordance with the values, vision, and policies of the school, to provide volunteer support for the advancement of the larger TIS mission.

For more information, please contact, or chat with any of the parents listed above!