April 29, 2015

South Waterfront Greenway Opens May 14

Speaking of biking, the South Waterfront Greenway opens on May 14. In December 2005, Portland City Council adopted the South Waterfront Greenway Development Plan – Phase 1. The creators of this plan were charged with the task of balancing and integrating a proposed high-density urban community with that of a functional wildlife habitat in a river environment, both located in a former industrial landscape with brownfield characteristics.

The South Waterfront neighborhood is expected to be the densest in the state at full build-out, and when all three of its districts are complete, the South Waterfront Greenway will link Downtown with the Sellwood Bridge. The riverbank reconstruction supports our endangered fish, while the upland park will provide recreational opportunities for residents, guests, and workers. South Waterfront Greenway – Central District has set the bar for riverbank park development within the City of Portland. 

Keep this in mind as you plan future commutes to TIS! The greenway might be a particularly pleasant option for our dual EC Campus  / Main Campus families.