April 20, 2015

May is Bike and Walk to School Challenge Month!

The Walk and Bike Challenge is a friendly competition to see which school can log the most walking and biking miles in the month of May. We all see the committed biking families making their way to TIS on two-wheel transport every day. We see some walking families too.

Even if you live too far away to walk or bike to school, your trips at home can count, too. The important thing is to be active and have fun! At the end of the challenge, we’ll see how we compare to other Portland-area schools.

This fun event is open to TIS students, parents, faculty, and staff. To participate, stop by the front desks at Stearns Hall, Hilltop, or the EC Campus and pick up your Bike + Walk packet. Be sure to sign the roster so we have a list of participants.

To participate, pick up your Bike + Walk packet in Stearns Hall, Hilltop or the EC Campus. The packet contains a scorecard to help you keep track of your trips, fun Bike + Walk stickers and temporary tattoos. Packets will be available starting Tuesday afternoon.

Walk / Bike to School Day on May 6. Travel independently, or join our Bike Brigade at 7:45 am at Salmon Street Springs (the fountain at the foot of the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge) for a bike en masse to TIS.

At the end of May just return your scorecard to the reception desk and we’ll submit our schools’ report to see how we stack up! Fun prizes are available to our top participants, and every child who returns a Bike + Walk scorecard will receive a gold ribbon!

Check ITK each week to learn about special events during Walk + Bike month.

For more questions, or to help out with Walk + Bike month, please reach out to Walk & Bike Parent Coordinator Katherine Cole at kcoleuncorked@gmail.com