July 14, 2014

Host a Japanese Exchange Student

The Laurasian Institute is desperately trying to find host homes for high school exchange students from Japan. Housing arrangements could be for a semester or for a year. They only have about two weeks left to find host families. For a description of each student, click here.

Foreign exchange students are model students, adept at sharing their culture, and benefit students and families in many ways. Also, given the need for this generation to gain global competence for the jobs of the 21st  Century, these personal experiences within the family will give your child confidence in socializing, working, solving problems, and finding new ways to communicate with diverse colleagues and friends.

The students are hard working, sweet kids, and speak good English. Both the students and families have had amazing experiences.  Hosting a student for a semester or a full academic year is an incredibly rewarding experience. Academic year exchange students truly become a member of the family, and many host families maintain a life-long relationship with their new “son” or “daughter”. Host families are vital to our nation’s public diplomacy efforts, building bridges between America and other nations at the grassroots level.

For more information, please contact Shelley Frey of the Laurasian Institute at 541.206.9379 or shelleyfrey@yahoo.com.