May 17, 2014


A big THANK YOU to Girl Scout Troop #45170 (TIS Kindergarteners who meet at TIS) for their service to the school garden. They planted seeds for summer crops (like corn, squash and pumpkins) in April. We kept the seeds in pots warm, but outside. The seedlings have now been transplanted into our garden beds. At another meeting they painted the signs you now can see on the fruit and herb hill.

KUDOS to our Ground Maintenance Crew! George for hauling all those bags of hardwood chips up the hill and helping us spread them under the fruit trees, Eros for making the signs for the Girl Scounts to paint AND for starting the replacement of the 10 year old beds in the veggie garden. And Frank for providing the supplies, the time, and the mastermind to make it work.

See you all around the garden!

Priscilla Lane, Grad parent & volunteer Garden Manager