August 11, 2012

Meet Paola Gagliardo

Please welcome Paola Gagliardo, the only teacher new to TIS this year. Paola and Maria Lira will each be teaching a 4th grade Spanish class. Paola was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Industrial Engineering and a Minor in Psychology from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. She has been teaching since 2004.

I developed my passion for teaching when my oldest child was born. I have a strong conviction that a good education of the children as a whole is the key to their success, so I helped co-found a Spanish Immersion School in Vancouver, WA. My mission and vision was to provide not just language but cultural immersion, achieving academic excellence while enabling the child to develop as a whole individual.

I believe that each person has unique ways to gain knowledge and understanding of the world, this is the reason I use the theory of multiple intelligences in my classroom to make sure every student achieves a deep understanding and mastery of the topic. I will get to know your child and nurture his strengths while working on his weaknesses, in a loving and engaging environment.

After I got pregnant with my second child, three years ago, I decided to stay home and enjoy motherhood for a while. During this time, I taught K-8 Spanish in various Catholic Schools and I was the Fluent Spanish Teacher at Northwest Academy last year. My son will be three in two months and will be attending PreK at TIS. I am excited to become part of The International School and to start working with your child!