March 10, 2012

Next Monday March, 19th is the last order date for Scrip prior to Spring Break.

Scrip Reminder!!
Also, the Great Lakes Scrip Center (where we get our cards for retailers like Whole Foods, Rite Aid, Target, and the $15 iTunes cards) will be closed the following week due to Midwest Spring Breaks. So, if you will be needing any of these cards before April 13th (remember Easter is April 8th) you will need to order them by next Monday at noon! Our normal order deadline is Friday at pick-up but we are making an exception due to the week off. If you know that you will be submitting your order on Monday please email us if you can so that we know to look for your order.

If you have any questions about the Scrip program or how Scrip works please stop and ask when you see us selling on site or shoot us an email. Thanks.

The Scrip Team,