October 10, 2011

What’s Happening in the Garden?

5th GRADERS collected a variety of 8 to 10 seeds in the garden, some to look at under the microscope in the classroom, some to ‘winter off’ in the ‘fridge and then try planting. They have been studying plant reproduction.; in the garden this means looking at how strawberries and raspberries reproduce, finding bulbs and tubers, as well as seeds, and checking out the corn flowers.
Chickadees and finches have been feeding late summer and fall on our sunflowers. As we cut back the sunflower stalks, we will save seed for the birds.

1st GRADERS chewed on coriander and fennel seeds in the garden as they harvested beets, carrots, cukes and zukes, tomatoes, collards, kale and chard. All were prepared and eaten in the classroom. Several of those veggies they planted last spring in kindergarten.

Low K harvested scarlet runner beans, in their dry ‘sun-bleached’ pods. Last spring in Pre K they had planted the beans and now the plants cover the north and northeast fence. Some of the scarlet flowers have come on late, so the students had a chance to see the hummingbird on the flowers and new miniature beans just starting. Back in the classroom, popping big black and pink bean seeds out of the dry pods was so much fun. Now they are ready for that scarlet runner bean soup on a colder day.

Bees are still busy in the flowering oregano.
The Gravenstein APPLE tree had its first glorious production this fall, with 16 big tasty apples. Each first grade class had a chance to pick a few apples and eat apple slices, pretty popular snack!!