July 25, 2011

News from Alfonso

Hello friends,
I find summer to be a good time to ponder and write to parents on some more philosophical topics. So this week I have a longer note for you which Linda will send out separately. A few other important items –

As you may know we will be hosting two teachers through the Hanban organization of China. They are both females who have earned their MA degrees in teaching foreign languages and their English is good. The Hanban will pay a $500 per month stiupend to the host family for room, meals and transport to and from school. However, the school can provide the teachers with a trimet pass so they are not dependent on the family for transport. If you would be interested, please email me immediately.

We are also looking for parent volunteers who can be active tech committee members. My assistant Jhoanna Co has effectively become our IT department – she and we need considerable help from parents not only for IT advice but also for hands on help with our IT infrastructure, Apple computer deployments, troubleshooting and related issues. Please contact Jhoanna if you can help (JCo@intlschool.org).

Have a restful week,

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2796 x122 (returning from China August 5)