Summer Camp 2015



Click here for a Summer Camp Availability Chart (updated 6.8.15)

Camp Dates:

Session 1: 6/22-7/2/15 (no camp on 7/3)

Session 2: 7/6-7/17/15

Session 3: 7/20-7/31/15

Children will enjoy a world of fun this summer while learning Chinese, Spanish or Japanese. International language and culture will come to life through hands-on projects, stories, songs, games and outdoor fun with our natively-fluent staff.

Whether learning a new language or already fluent, campers will love our summer traditions of field days, field trips, performances, ice cream parties, and more!

Our Camps Include:

  • Small groups with teachers from around the world
  • Fun outdoor and indoor activities aimed at building language skills (songs, folktales, crafts, games, sports, and more)
  • Cultural performances
  • Ice-cream social
  • Special classes with trained specialists- yoga, sports & games
  • Exciting field days (water balloon toss, relay races, and more)
  • Fun, cultural music and movement classes for all campers! We will offer different opportunities each session - last year we learned Taiko Drumming, Kung Fu Martial Arts, and Latin dance!
  • Field trips for Orange, Purple, Blue and Green camps! Specific information about each field trip will be released one week prior to the start of each camp session.

Camps At A Glance

Choose the camp that is right for your child.

Step 1: Choose a language (Spanish, Chinese or Japanese)
Step 2: 
Choose a section appropriate for your child’s age and fluency level (see chart below)
Step 3:
 Choose the two-week session(s). All camp sections are available every session in Spanish, Chinese & Japanese

New exciting themes and activities every session.  Have fun in one session or all three! Session dates:



2015 Session Themes

Session Themes - Yellow, Orange, Purple & Blue Camps

These camps are separate groups for children age 3 through entering 4th grade. They follow the same themes with activities tailored specifically to campers’ age and fluency level (See chart for details).

Session 1 June 22 - July 2, 2015

Theme: Crazy Creatures

Discover crazy creatures from all around the world! During this fun session, campers will learn about weird and wondrous animals - both real and mythological - all while immersing in their target language. Through stories, songs, games, outdoor activities and more, campers will love exploring the world of wild and wacky creatures!

Session 2 July 6 - July 17, 2015

Theme: Green & Growing

Campers will learn about everything from tiny seeds, squirmy creepy crawlies, to towering trees during this nature-based session. Trail walks, garden visits, hands-on activities, and more will teach students about different things that grow all while immersing in their target language.

Session 3 July 20 - July 31, 2015

Theme: Ancient Art I

Discover ancient cultures from around the world through art, music, dance, hands-on activities and more. Campers will be fascinated by the variety of ancient art forms, whether they be prehistoric cave paintings, Mayan glyphs or Japanese notan designs. Campers will use the styles and themes of the past to create their own works of art.

Session Themes - Green Camps

Green Camps are for children entering 2nd - 5th grade with at least 2 years of immersion experience or equivalent (see chart for details).

Session 1 June 22 - July 2, 2015

Theme: Media Madness!

How and why does information travel? What do people want to know? Campers will learn about where news and information comes from, how to give an interview, and how to find answers to all sorts of questions. They will explore various media formats and means of information delivery. Campers will also create their own media project in the target language. Knowledge is power!

Session 2 July 6 - July 17, 2015

Theme: Mapping My World

Campers will explore how to map out their own world and discover places both near and far! Our campers become explorers for the week as they use maps to find treasure and adventure. How far is my house from my school? What sorts of terrain exists in my neighborhood? What is the tallest mountain in China? Campers will create a map of their world (either real of imaginary) all while advancing their language skills.

Session 3 July 20 - July 31, 2015

Theme: Ancient Art II

Advanced language campers will learn about the wonders of ancient art from around the world! Explore paintings, dance, music and more while enhancing language skills. What type of dance was popular in acient China? What was art like in Egypt? Campers will use the styles and themes of the past to make their own art project or performance to share. Get creative!