Global Kids Extended-Day Program

Welcome to Global Kids, the Extended-Day Program of The International School! It offers a variety of fun enrichment classes, homework center, healthy snacks, and outdoor free play, available on a flexible schedule that meets the needs of busy parents.   All Global Kids activities are facilitated by caring, dedicated staff with expertise in the subject area of the classes they teach such as music, dance, garden, art, and math. Global Kids is available after school on Mondays through Fridays until 6pm, and offers partial or full days on most no-school days.

3rd-party Classes, such as Soccer Shots and Mind Move Make, are also available.  You can sign up for 3rd-party class and then have your child brought to Global Kids for the remainder of the time that you need, without being double-charged. Customize your child’s Global Kids experience based upon their interests – and your schedule!

Class selection for the Fall Trimester will begin on August 17!  Pricing will be the same or less than last year’s extended day program – more info coming soon!

More info will be added to this page regularly!

Extended-Day Program

Global Kids, The International School’s Extended-day Program, offers a variety of enrichment classes, daily homework center, outdoor play, and healthy snacks for school age students after school until 6:00pm. It also offers a specialized early childhood program with enrichment activities, healthy snack, and outdoor play. Drop-in is available space permitting, at a slightly higher cost.

Early Childhood Programming

  • Global Kids will have programming dedicated to our preschool-aged students.
  • Early Childhood program blocks include Enrichment Classes, Free Play, Story Time, and more.
  • Global Kids Early Childhood Programming will be held in Stearns Hall

Homework Center

  • Homework Center for Elementary students will be available each day of the week

3rd Party Classes

In addition to the activities offered by Global Kids, a variety of 3rd-party classes are offered in the afternoons on regular school days by outside companies each day of the week. Students still on campus after the 3rd-party classes end at 4:40 pm will be escorted to Global Kids.

No School Days

Global Kids offers full day programming on most days that school is not in session including Community Service Days, Grading Days, Early Dismissal Days, Curriculum Alignment Day,and Parent Teacher Conference Days if minimum enrollments are reached. This programming includes enrichment activities, outdoor play, and healthy snacks. Sign up in advance. Drop-in is available space permitting, at a slightly higher cost.

Enrollment Details

  • Enrollment will open for one week prior to each trimester, during which families can select their top three class preferences for each day of the week per student, including 3rd Party Class options. After Enrollment Week closes, students will be placed in their classes based on preference and demand, and families will be e-mailed their class assignments for the trimester, along with an invoice for the Global Kids classes. 3rd Party Classes will manage their billing independently..
  • Sign-up for Global Kids on no-school days, early release days, and school conference days will also be open during Enrollment Week. These special program days are contingent upon meeting a minimum enrollment during each trimester.  

Schedule Details

  • Global Kids Extended-Day Programming will be offered for two time blocks per day: 3:10-4:40pm and 4:40-6pm.
  • Parents will be able to select classes for each student by each day of the week and by time block.
  • All of the on-site Enrichment Classes, including 3rd party Classes, will be offered during the first time block from 3:10-4:40pm.
  • Homework Center for Elementary students will be available each day of the week during the 2nd time block, which runs from 4:40-6:00pm.

Drop-In Option

  • Drop-in options for last minute sign-ups will also be available for a slightly higher cost, when space is available.

General Information about Global Kids Extended-Day Program

Arrival to Global Kids Extended-day Program- Students in PreK, LowK, and K will be picked up from their classrooms at dismissal time and escorted to Global Kids Extended-day Program. Students in 1st through 5th grade will walk to the Hilltop gym after school to sign-in with Global Kids. If your student is enrolled in a 3rd-Party Class, the provider will pick them up from their classroom after school and will escort them to Global Kids after the class ends.

Dismissal from Global Kids- Please pick up your school age students from the main entry of the Hilltop building. For Early Childhood, if you arrive before 5:20pm, you can pick up your students from the Extended-day Classroom in Stearn’s Hall. If you arrive after 5:20pm, please pick up your child from the Hilltop Main Entry. Please make sure you have a photo ID with you so that we can verify that each child is released to an authorized adult. If you plan to pick up your student(s) during their 3rd-Party Classes, you can pick them  up directly from that classroom location. All students must be signed out by an authorized adult. Please make sure you list at least three adults on your authorized pick up list who could pick up your child in the event that you can not make it by 6:00pm when the program closes.

Late Pick-up Fee- Children picked up after 6:00 pm will be billed a late fee. . If you will be late, please call the Extended-day Program Coordinator ASAP to let them know your estimated time of arrival at 503-226-2496 x 122.

Absences- Please notify us if your child will be absent from Global Kids Extended-day Program by e-mail at or by phone at 503-226-2496 x 122.

The International School Universal Expectations- Children are expected to adhere to the same expectations during  Global Kids as they do during the school day program. Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Fluent.

Snacks- Healthy snacks will be provided during Global Kids.. External vendors may or may not provide snacks to students. Please ensure that your food allergy information is up to date in the Parent Portal and with the School Health and Safety Coordinator. Please note that 3rd-Party Class providers are separate businesses and you must provide them with any allergy or medical information and medicine directly.

Homework Center- Students in 1st- 5th grade will attend a daily Homework Center in the Global Kids Extended-day Program. Students are expected to bring their homework assignments to Global Kids. Students who finish early or do not have homework will be asked to read or do other academic activities during Homework Center.

Outdoor Free Play- Students will play outdoors every day rain or shine. Please ensure your child has appropriate attire for outdoor play (rain jacket, rain boots, sunblock, sun hat, and sunglasses depending on the weather).

Enrichment Activities- Children will choose from enrichment class offerings according to their interests. The number of class choices will vary due to enrollment, and will include a variety of options within the categories of Science, Art, Math, Garden and Nutrition, Performing Arts, Physical Activity, Cultural Activities, Literacy, and more.

Family Involvement- Family members are strongly encouraged to volunteer in Global Kids. Please contact the Global Kids Program Coordinator at or 503-226-2496 Extension 122 to find out more information about volunteer opportunities.

Global Kids Program Showcases- We will have Global Kids – Program Showcases with student performances and exhibits on the final day of each trimester at 4:30pm. Families are encouraged to attend the showcases to see what their students have been working on and support them during their performances.

Student Medication- Please ensure that your student’s profile is updated in Achieve and that you have provided a medical Authorization Form and unexpired medications for the School Health and Safety Coordinator so that the Extended-day Program Coordinator can access them as needed.

Release of Information- Please sign the Release of Information so that The International School can coordinate care for your child with 3rd-Party Class Providers, which will allow us to share important information about your child including your contact info, pick-up authorization, allergy, medical information and more.

Diversity and Inclusion- Global Kids serves currently enrolled TIS students in a multicultural environment that celebrates diversity and does not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, cultural background, national origin, ability, religion, or age.

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