The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing and safeguarding the mission of The International School for the long term. The Board sets policies and procedures that are consistent with the mission. The Board is also responsible for overseeing the acquisition of financial resources, facilities, and equipment that enable the school to pursue its mission effectively. Its work may also include short and long-term planning and budget review and approval.

Board members are responsible for keeping their eyes on the big picture – they refer all day-to-day operational matters to the Head of School and administrative staff.

The International School’s Board of Trustees is made up of dedicated volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds, each bringing his/her own knowledge and experience to the table. TIS board meetings are open to the school community. We gratefully thank all present and past trustees for their service!

TIS Board of Trustees, 2017-2018


D’Arcy Owen

  • Primary Affiliation: Director, Portland English Language Academy
  • Parent of three TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2016

Julia Plowman
Vice President

  • Primary Affiliation: Managing Director, TBWA\Media Arts Lab for Good
  • Parent of two TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2016

Kristopher Taft

  • Primary Affiliation: Teacher, Beaverton School District
  • Parent of two TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2016

Colin Rowan

  • Primary Affiliation: Principal, Malden Capital
  • Parent of two TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2012

Members At Large

Tom Carrollo

  • Primary Affiliation: General Manager, Beardsley Building Development
  • Parent of one TIS student
  • Trustee since: 2017

David Davies

  • Primary Affiliation: Project Manager, Self-Employed
  • Parent of one TIS student and two TIS alumni
  • Trustee since: 2011

Jennifer Diaz

  • Primary Affiliation: 
  • Parent of two TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2017

Greg Lutje

  • Primary Affiliation: Lawyer, Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP
  • Parent of one TIS student
  • Trustee since: 2013

Erin Nicholson

  • Primary Affiliation: Project Manager, Independent Contractor
  • Parent of two TIS students
  • Trustee since: 2017

Mike Thomas

  • Primary Affiliation: Senior VP, Colliers International
  • Parent of one TIS student
  • Trustee since: 2016

To contact any board member, please e-mail or leave a message at the school office 503-226-2496. If you want to reach a particular board member, just put that person’s name at the top of your e-mail and it will be forwarded to him/her.

Board documents are available to currently enrolled TIS families.

  • Password: (the current year’s All-Parent Password)

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