July 12, 2018

Background Check Form

All classroom volunteers and chaperones must submit a new background check every two years.

Below is for the application form for a Department of Education background check. This form requires a signature. You may fill it out on-line, but then need to print it and bring or mail it in (unless you have a verified digital signature). Please return to any receptionist or to chaps@intlschool.org(Note: The Department of Education will only accept applications submitted by the school, you do not need to submit a cover letter or the $5 payment as indicated on the application form, TIS will manage that part).

If you currently have an Oregon Office of Child Care (OCC) (formerly CCD) background check on file you may use this to meet requirements until it expires. To avoid gaps, please apply for your new Department of Education background check no later than one month prior to your background check expiration date.

Questions? Contact Meredith Fleming, Transportation Coordinator, Meredith Fleming meredithf@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 ext. 118.

DOE Background check form

Click Here for a direct link to the Background Check Form